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Terminal Link Listing

This is My Personal link listing.
The Sites at the top are ones I frequent and can recommend,
while the ones below are just cool links other to forums or pages.
This list is not meant to be a full listing of hundreds of sites,
simply a personal list compiled by me, being updated all the time.
Contact me if you want me to add a site.
(Interesting links only, no generic scam marketplaces)

Site Name Description

Torum One of the biggest Cyber Security Forums on the Dark Web, If you need to ask a question regarding Hacking, this is the place to go.

CryptBB A Private hacking forum. While Torum is great for getting general information and opinions, CryptBB is reserved for only people who can program, provide services etc. and is a great place to learn alongside others.

Envoy A new forum made by Witchman05, formerly a Moderator on Dread. It's mainly centered around drugs, but also has a whole load of other boards for friendly discussion as well as Politics, Technology, and many more categories.

OnionSocial A Facebook like Social Media Site, where you can write to the site news feed, post photos, start groups, and probably make a few new friends.

IntelCutout Intel Cutout Reloaded, newly rebooted with features like the knowledgebase, live chat, a steganography tool and far more to come in the coming weeks.


DNS Blogs A personal blog about decentralized Networks and the history of the deep web. It's an interesting resource of information on hidden networks throughout time. Also has a load of cool stuff in the "Forbidden Place", including leaks, link lists and cool code.

The One Called Spr4yer A Blog about the authors experiences on the Dark Web as well as in life.

deepwebblog.txt A site documenting someone's exploration of the Dark Web.


Habibi's Chat A Free Speech chatroom.

Hidden Lobby A custom made Chat site that allows creation of your own Chatrooms, public or private.

Black Hat Chat A Chatroom about Hacking. (LEChat)

Intel Sources

Distributed Denial of Secrets A Site for Government and Corporation leaks and hacks.

Freedom of Information A File Directory of Hacking Guides

beatnix files A bunch of cool guides, manuals and Papers, as well as a few Misc Files

Anarchist Bookstore A page of books on Bombs, fighting, Hacking and other Anarchist Materials

GreySec Resource Pool A Misc File Directory of Guides on Hacking, Security, Psychology and programming

Spectre's Intel Repository A Collection of Leaks, mostly Government

Project Sphere A wide-ranging site for leaks, Malware Sources, Books and far more.

Weird Sites

Fabio The Monkey A site about donating to give Fabio Bananas

Sophie says Hi A strange site with a few coded and Cryptic Messages

Alien Time Capsule Thing A really strange but interesting site with a load of measurements, Cryptic messages and patterns. Looks sortof like the Voyager Golden Records, containing information about Earth