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Terminal Psychological Warfare Intel

This is all the Information I have on Psychological Warfare.
This includes Counter-Intelligence, some Government documents
on police questioning, and a range of political writings.

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10 Strategies for Media Manipulation - Noam Chomsky.pdf 0.3 Mb

Assange Essays.pdf 0.2 Mb

Automated Social Engeneering.pdf 0.2 Mb

bernays_1947 Engineering of Consent.pdf 59.0 Kb

Brainwashing Manual - Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics - L Ron Hubbard.pdf 0.1 Mb

CIA - Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual (1983) - aka Honduras Manual - a1-g11 (Torture).pdf 2.4 Mb

CIA Kubark 1-60.pdf 2.8 Mb

CIA Kubark 113-128.pdf 0.6 Mb

CIA Kubark 61-112.pdf 2.6 Mb

COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution.pdf 0.3 Mb

Communist Psychological Warfare.pdf 0.2 Mb

confess.txt 15.0 Kb

coptalk.txt 3.0 Kb

Crash_Investigation_Procedure_(RESTRICTED).pdf 0.8 Mb

Cross Exam Fundamentals.doc 0.2 Mb

DARPA-Urban_Reconnaissance_through_Supervised_Autonomy_2018.pdf 1.1 Mb

Deception Research Program No 9.pdf 5.5 Mb

Depatterning Through Electroshock Therapy.pdf 2.6 Mb

Do Political Protests Matter.pdf 1.3 Mb

Educing Information.pdf 2.1 Mb

Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist.pdf 0.2 Mb

Espionage_(CONFIDENTIAL).pdf 0.9 Mb

FM 2-0 Intelligence.pdf 4.3 Mb

FM 3-05.30 Psychological Operations.pdf 2.2 Mb

FM 3-05.301 Psychological Operations Tactics, Techniches and Procedures.pdf 6.3 Mb

FM 3-05.302 Tactical Psychological Operations.pdf 11.5 Mb

FM 3-13 Information Operations - Doctrines, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.pdf 5.2 Mb

FM 33-1-1 Chapter 8 - Themes and Symbols.PDF 24.0 Kb

FM 34-1 Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations.pdf 4.5 Mb

FM 34-3 Intelligence Analysis.pdf 4.2 Mb

FM 34-52 Intelligence Interrogation.pdf 14.4 Mb

Fourth Generation Warfare and the Moral Imperative.pdf 0.3 Mb

Fourth-Generation War and Other Myths - Echevarria.pdf 0.8 Mb

Frogs into Princes (NLP).pdf 3.6 Mb

From memory societies to knowledge societies.pdf 0.4 Mb

From PSYOP to Mind War - Michael Aquino.pdf 45.0 Kb

Get Anyone to Do Anything - David J. Lieberman.pdf 8.6 Mb

How to Spot a Spy.pdf 0.3 Mb

How To Win Friends And Influence People.pdf 0.5 Mb

Industrial Society And Its Future.pdf 0.4 Mb

Infomation as Comunication Disease.pdf 0.4 Mb

Irving Younger's Cross.pdf 0.9 Mb

Micheal Aquino - PsyOps and Ethics.pdf 82.0 Kb

New Media and New Terrorism.pdf 1.6 Mb

Port_Security.pdf 1.0 Mb

Principles of Counterdeception.pdf 0.3 Mb

Project MKULTRA, the CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification.pdf 7.5 Mb

Prometheus Rising.pdf 2.3 Mb

Propaganda (by Bernays).pdf 0.4 Mb

Psychology of Intelligence Analysis.pdf 2.0 Mb

Removing Knowledge.pdf 0.2 Mb

Resistance And Persuasion.pdf 3.7 Mb

Ritual as Language.pdf 115.0 Kb

RapeOfTheMind-ThePsychologyOfThoughtControl-A.m.MeerlooMd.pdf 1.2 Mb

Security_Assignment_(CONFIDENTIAL).pdf 0.9 Mb

Security_Reconnaissance.pdf 2.1 Mb

Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression.pdf 0.2 Mb

Signal_Security.pdf 3.0 Mb

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.pdf 0.8 Mb

Simulacra and Simulation - Jean Baudrillard.pdf 0.5 Mb

Sleight of Mouth - Robert Dilts.pdf 25.2 Mb

Spy_and_Counter_Spy.pdf 1.2 Mb

Strategic Information Warfare.pdf 0.4 Mb

Subversion of Social Movements by Adversarial Agents.pdf 0.1 Mb

The Art of Deception.pdf 1.4 Mb

The Art Of Memetics.pdf 4.3 Mb

The Battle For Your Mind, by Dick Sutphen.pdf 0.2 Mb

The Byzantine Generals Problem.pdf 1.2 Mb

The Changing Face of War - Into the Fourth Generation.pdf 2.7 Mb

The Crowd - Gustave Le Bon.pdf 3.7 Mb

The Evolution of War - The Fourth Generation.pdf 0.3 Mb

The Media's Role in International Terrorism.pdf 0.2 Mb

The Parallax View - Zizek.pdf 5.5 Mb

THE POWER OF PERSUASION How We're Bought and Sold - Robert Levine.PDF 9.3 Mb

The Psychology Of Entertainment.pdf 5.3 Mb

The Selfish Meme.pdf 1.9 Mb

The Soros Media Empire - Michael Baker.pdf 84.0 Kb

The System Explained.pdf 0.1 Mb

The topology of covert conflict.pdf 0.2 Mb

Tip on Cross and Objections Cheat Sheet.docx 16.0 Kb

Tip on Expert Witnesses.docx 14.0 Kb

Trigger Words and How They Are Used Against Us.pdf 75.0 Kb

Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation.pdf 0.2 Mb

Understanding Media - the Extensions of Man - Marshall McLuhan.pdf 1.0 Mb

USArmy-MKUltra_Psychotronics.pdf 2.3 Mb

USArmy_ATP_3-39.10_Police_Operations.pdf 4.1 Mb

USArmy_Commanders_Guide_to_Human_Intelligence_(HUMINT).pdf 1.5 Mb

USArmy_FM_2-22.2_Counterintelligence.pdf 5.0 Mb

USArmy_Intelligence_Analysis_Manual.pdf 1.9 Mb

USArmy_Intelligence_Officers_Handbook_TC-2-50.5.pdf 6.7 Mb

USNavy_Intelligence_Support_to_Naval_Operations_Manual_NWP_2-01.pdf 0.7 Mb

US_National_Counterintelligence_Strategy_2016.pdf 3.7 Mb

War is a Racket.pdf 39.0 Kb

You Are Being Lied To.pdf 2.4 Mb